Getting out of Dodge...

Getting out of Dodge...

2019, Apr 15    

The deal is done. The #thirdtriumvirate is becoming the #unit. The Sycamore street era began on September 3rd, 2003, and came to an end on April 15th, 2019. This event was inevitable by my own decree around the 2016/2017 transition. The timing was to be determined, but the event itself was written in stone by my hand. It had to be done. It will be hard to leave Sycamore street mostly because of what I put into that house to make it home, but it’s now serving as an anchor. It moors me to a legacy that I must now escape if I’m to have any peace.

The appeals of the new home are much the same as those of the previous; It’s interesting, has period character, is so receptive to proper care and upkeep, wonderfully compatible with its inherent functionality, quirk, and aesthetic, maybe even more so than the last. The location was also one of the few, if not only, alternative locations I would consider. I like city living. Not necessarily ultra-urban, like high-rise, no-car, no-yard kind of urban, but densely populated near-side (close to downtown) walk-able neighborhoods pockmarked with local business and resources… and of course, quality public schools (more on that later). German Village has more of some of that, and also less, or none, of some of that. Bexley nearly covers it all, although it could be a little closer to downtown.

Without going into an ideological rant, there’s no good reason that good public schools should not exist where ever it is you choose to live. It’s just a right that all Americans humans deserve… the end. When stuck with a failed education system locally, the alternatives usually require heaps of time, or heaps of money to access; often both. Having acquiesced to the parochial option out of convenience ate at me for years. That time was over, and the necessary “reset” would begin this year on Merkle road.

After two years with Daidria, it was time to put everyone under one roof. I was ready. The boys, maybe not so much, but this was the right time. Maybe a whole summer in a new place will give them a chance to foster some new connections. Let’s see who’s around here before we start fresh at a new school. After all, Collin had just lost his best friend to relocation, so the summer wasn’t going to be what we anticipated already. We put Daidria’s real-estate skills to work and landed on a splendid four bedroom ranch with tall ceilings, a large semi-finished basement, vast living areas, windows for days, dining room, an eat-in kitchen, deck, and reasonable front and back yards with great trees and greenery… all in a style we loved. A vintage 60’s mid-century modern, with an 80’s master suite addition right out of Miami Vice. We’re gonna do something about that Miami Vice bit LOL but it’s serviceable for now.